Compagnia dell Arabica, Coffee Brasil




In the coffee scene, Compagnia dell Arabica has held a great reputation for a long time. The Santos beans from the São Paulo region account for one of the highest qualities in Brazil. The Arabica from Minas is very low in acidity.

Compagnia dell Arabica, Coffee Brasil, 125gram.

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    Marja van Schaik

    Heel goed systeem. Veel goedkoper en beter voor het milieu. Wij maken lungo’s met de Lavazza espresso. Voor een zachte koffie de Hema.

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    Goede service en topkwaliteit koffie!

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    John H

    We gebruiken dit systeem nu enkele jaren tot grote tevredenheid. Minimale afval, onbeperkte koffiekeuze. Zeer goede leveringsservice en goede communicatie van bluecup.

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    Ik vind het een erg handig systeem, vult makkelijk en maakt een heerlijke espresso of lungo.
    Een echte aanrader!

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    Mooie oplossing als je lekker wilt testen met verschillende koffiesoorten. Wel meteen extra cups meebestellen en dekseltjes!

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    C. Carlino

    Snelle en goede levering van een goed product voor zowel de mens zelf, als het milieu!!!

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    Willem de Blaauw

    Ik ben erg blij met dit systeem. Het is veel goedkoper dan kant-en-klaar cups kopen en beter voor het milieu.
    Het vullen van de cups is zeer makkelijk en het schoonmaken is ook zo gedaan. Ik gebruik espresso (van de blauwe supermarkt), sterkte 8: dit smaakt goed en werkt ook goed qua crema-laag.

    Er was een probleem met mijn bestelling, veroorzaakt door DHL, maar dit werd door Bluecup snel opgelost en ik kreeg gratis twee pakjes espresso voor het langere wachten. Klasse!

    Ik kan dit systeem en bedrijf van harte aanbevelen.

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    Deze herbruikbare koffiecapsules bieden niet alleen de mogelijkheid om je favoriete koffie te benutten in een Nespresso-apparaat, nagenoeg zonder afval. De aluminiumdekseltjes mogen in de PMD-container. De Consumentenbond waarschuwt voor het risico van de inname van cafestol (cholesterolverhogend) bij gebruik van koffiecapsules. Deze DHZ-koffiecapsules bieden je de mogelijkheid dat te voorkomen. Door een rondje koffiefilterpapier met een diameter van 26 mm (uitgeknipt of gestanst met een holpijp) op de koffie te leggen voor het plaatsen van het dekseltje is je zelfbereide koffie ook nog eens beter voor je gezondheid. Ik gebruik een tamper met een diameter van 21 mm om de koffie (in de lepelhouder geplaatste capsule) licht aan te drukken.

  9. Dimitrios Papadopoulos

    Affordable, good quality material, easy to use, have your choice of coffee, everything is great about it!

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    John Hackett

    We found Blue Cup products in a kitchen/tea/coffee shop in Delft and, fed up of the cost and waste from Nespresso, decided to try them out. We’ve only had great results, with no failures, and it is so easy to refill the pods. Having used all the foils, I found that there was no UK distributor as yet, but customer service was excellent and our order is on its way. So, a great product from every angle, and I have no hesitation in supporting and recommending them!

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    Die zusätzlichen Kapseln eignen sich perfekt alks Ergänzung zu Starter Paket. Gerade wenn man morgens schon eine “Tagesration” an Kaffee vorbereiten möchte, ist es hilfreich mehrere der Kapseln zu besitzen.

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    Wir haben das Starter Paket gekauft, um dies auf einer Messe zu verwenden und mit unserer Nespresso Maschine nicht soviel Müll zu erzeugen, aber dennoch einzelne Tassen Kaffee und Espresso kochen zu können. Wir haben handelsüblichen Kaffee verwendet und es hat ganz wunderbar geklappt. Die Handhabung ist einfach und der Kaffee schmeckt toll und hat eine großartige Crema. Wir können das Produkt wärmstens empfehlen!

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    Great product that delivers great tasting coffee. We bought a starter kit at Christmas to dip a toe into the water… easy to use and delicious. We just ordered 6 capsules and will be a bluecup only household from when they arrive. Customer service has been excellent as well, thank you!!!

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    After using 3 different kinds of refillable Nespresso pods, it’s obvious Bluecup is the best in this. Just ordered another batch of foil!

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    David Ward

    I love the coffee made in my Magimix Pixie but don’t like the waste: throwing pods away or even having them melted down and recycled is surely worse for the environment than reusing them. At last a reusable pod is available that, if used with coffee ground freshly in a good grinder, produces a brew of the highest quality – in my opinion better even than most espressos made on expensive machines in cafés and certainly better than those I’ve made in the past on quite expensive home pump espresso machines. With Bluecup and my own Gaggia MDF grinder I can use fresh beans ground and tamped to get a 10 second flow of about 30ml of espresso. Made this way the coffee is, I reckon, consistently perfection – and much better in my view than prefilled pods. I have no hesitation in giving top marks – highly recommended.

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    Ros Johnson

    I have used other reusable Nespresso coffee pods, but nothing works as good as the BlueCup. They are super easy to fill – and the result is a perfect coffee with an amazing crema on top! Definitely the BEST system of coffee making out there. I would recommend this to anyone.

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    Linda H

    Our family wanted to ‘do our bit’ to reduce household waste. After replacing plastic drinks bottles with reusable ones, we searched for reusable coffee pods. A critical review of a different reusable pod (on a well known global online shopping site) mentioned in passing that Bluecup was the best one available.
    I decided to try them and have not been disappointed – the capsules are easy to make. It just takes a bit of trial and error to get the coffee strength and grind right. I found a UK online coffee supplier who will grind to order and provide 100g taster packs. Once I had experimented with a few different coffees I was able to order a further supply of our two favourites. I am very pleased with the quality of the resulting pods and the money we are saving.

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    Sylvia Dangé

    Fijn product werkt goed. Gebruik geen filter gemalen koffie. Want dat werkt niet zo goed. Wij hebben een oude Douwe Egberts koffie maler. Op stand midden staat de maler. Waarmee wij de bonen mee malen. Veel goedkoper dan de gewone cups. En milieu vriendelijker. Het is even wennen om ze te gaan gebruiken. Wel hebben we meer cups besteld zodat we de cups 2 keer per week hoeven te vullen. Ik doe ook veel langer met de koffiebonen dan met een koffiemachine die de bonen maalt. Goed product wat ik aan raad!! Ben er zeer tevreden mee!!

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    Olivier Korver

    These cups are pretty great, and not just for the environment-conscious.. I discovered these a bit over a year ago through Kickstarter, and happy I did. The cup-creation system works flawlessly, once you get the hang of it, you can easily create one cup every half minute. If there would be a suggestion I could give to make the product even more awesome, is to include a method to “compress” the coffee if you feel you need to make a stronger cup, sort of like an espresso tamper. I currently use a cork to substitute this, which does the job just fine.

  20. Robin Feild

    Fantastic product! I agree with the comments about finding the right grind of coffee- that is a little bit of a challenge. However, I love the system, and not having used pods littering all over is worth any hassle at all. The design is simple and very pleasing to make my own pods!

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    Very pleased to use the kit.. It’s very simple to use and it allows to drink any coffee you want..the capsules fit very well in my nespresso machine:no problem at all and the material of the capsules is good quality.. It lasts much more longer than all the foils you have in the box !!
    You made an Awesome job !! Go on…

  22. R.Sawade

    Habe scho viel solche wiederverwendbare Kapseln ausprobiert! Die BLUECUP ist die beste auf dem Markt und ist leich hand zu haben, man spart auch ein viel Geld dabei.
    Macht weiter so BLUECUP…….Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz

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    Melvin Buissart

    i first bet on this product when it was a crow founding project, i received it, used it and its part of my everyday life since then… it’s easy , fun , efficient , just a bit of waste for the aluminium cover that can be recycled … way better than just buy your cap and throw it away. as a barrister enthusiast, i must say i love the process of preparing your cup, it’s like preparing a traditional coffee but easier, we keep this little prep. and i like it. The fact that you can put whatever coffee you like is an avantage for sure. easy, ecologic and efficient , long life to Bluecup !

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    Shenqiu Zhang

    I have had the refill capsules for more than a month now. I love it! I love the process of making the capsules. It is quick and straightforward. I also grind the coffee beans myself with a manual grinder. I love the smells.

  25. Waardering 5 uit 5


    The Bluecups are a great discovery! We use them everyday. In the beginning it was a little search for the right grind of the coffeebeans but now everything is perfect.

  26. Waardering 5 uit 5

    Quek Swee Chong

    I am into my second pack of refills after paying up the first lot. The product works exactly as advertised. Refilling is easy and takes only a matter of seconds. The material of the acrylic holder is robust and of good quality, as are the cups, so should last a long time, and you only need to re-order the foil caps. Once you’ve found the right blend and grind that you like, grind small amounts at a time as a little goes a long way. Full marks for a quality and eco-friendly product!

  27. C.J.

    Great alternative to Nespresso.
    Works like a charm, and coffee has great CREMA.

  28. Waardering 5 uit 5

    Liz Bischof

    Works perfectly! There is no fumbling around the design works smoothly! We use it everyday. Totally happy with this product! We are through our first box and will be ordering more shortly! Thank you for making such a well thought out product!

  29. Waardering 5 uit 5

    Ross Munro

    What a great quality product. The Bluecup is good design, great functionality, no mess, easy to use and you get to use your favorite coffee in the world. I hope you’re ramping up your distribution channels, because once everyone knows about it they will want one or more. Oh yeah, and it costs about 80 percent less than nespresso, if you still need convincing.
    I have one for home and work and people like the ceremony of making their own pod.

  30. Waardering 5 uit 5

    Dianne Ray

    I was a back of this product on Kickstarter. Happy to say you guys made a great product. Very easy to load the coffee. I got this for my elderly Mother-in-law. I load about 10 at a time for her and then she is set for a week.

  31. Claudio Ettore

    You guys have nailed it! It works like a charm and I can finally have my favourite brand of espresso (whose capsules are not Nespresso-compatible) and at a really cheap price. I also love that I can choose the amount of coffee I want to use if I want it lighter.

  32. John Bradshaw

    Great product!, I was just showing it to a family member from south africa, and he likes it too!, makes having a Nespresso machine more versitile!

  33. John & Gitte Helle-Nielsen

    We were introduced to the BlueCup system through Kickstarter and we are very happy with the purchase.
    We had a bit of challenge getting the coarseness of the grind right, but once we did, it is now an awesome cup of coffee – we don’t buy coffees for takeaway anymore, we prefer to make our coffees at home. We use less coffee and get a better tasting one, so win-win.
    We had been looking for a product that suited our wish for proper recycling and choosing the coffee blend we like & BlueCup has delivered on both.
    We recommend this product to anyone that appreciates good coffee with less beans while taking care of our environment.
    Thank you for a great product!

  34. Raytrax

    The product is perfect, works wonderfully. I am fortunate to have participated in the creation by kickstarter campaign and I very happy with product! It is best to have several refill capsules and leave them ready for the week, keeping them in a closed box. Otherwise, no problem for putting them in the dishwasher. The support is perfect, any questions are answered without problem! Thanks!!!!

  35. Ron Rockwell

    I absolutely love my Bluecup! I use it two or three times a day, and have never had a problem of any kind. I grind my own beans so I get exactly the espresso I want, without paying almost a buck for a cup. It doesn’t get any better. I’ve only been using two of the cups, and they’ve been filled probably a hundred times each, without an issue. There’s nothing bad to say about the Bluecup system. No one should be disappointed!

  36. Waardering 5 uit 5

    Justin Kieft

    Nu een tijdje in gebruik. Het is simpel makkelijk en stukken voordeliger om zelf lekkere Espresso te maken. Je hoeft alleen je eigen koffie smaak te kiezen en in geen tijd heb je de cups zelf gemaakt. De smaak is top en stukken beter dan de originele cups en veel malen beter dan wat je in de supermarkt kan kopen. Het beste van twee werelden het gemak van cups en lekker koffie voor een betaalbare prijs. Kleine tip koop wat extra cups los (+- 10) zodat je genoeg op voorraad heb voor als je gasten heb.

  37. MR CHEUK

    It’s preety good. It makes me realize we can make coffee with so few coffee bean. Surely it can save my money that I have recommended it to my friends.

  38. Justin

    For years now I have been searching for an environmentally safe solution for my Nespresso. I bought my Bluecup from the Kickstarter campaign and wow, it is an amazing device. It is VERY easy to make refills, and not just coffee. I discovered that I can also use it to make Rooibos tea capsules for my wife. If you have a Nespresso you NEED Bluecup. You wont be disappointed .

  39. Tino

    Works as advertised – flawless. One you get the hang of it, it is actually quite a bit of fun and a sort of “yoga” to do the ritual cup-filling once every few days. I love the fact that it allows me to experiment with different coffees. That is a journey in itself. Tip: go for strong ones, as in Really Strong. I don’t know what the official cup-sellers put into their cups, but that must be “very special stuff”.

  40. Happy Coffee Addict

    Love it. I am able to make single servings of my favorite flavored coffees. It took a few tries to perfect the grind and way of applying the foil top. Now I have it mastered. Only major drawback of the product is shipping price. I want to get the refill package, but it costs as much to ship as the product itself. I recommend getting the 10 pack of cups and lids.

  41. julie Hodgson

    I have been using my blue cup for a while now, so easy to use. Great to be able to choose which coffee… And the cherry on the cake is that it’s environmentally helpfull… I have even put cinnamon in the coffee, which flavors it.. then I gently wash the cups out after. I had bought 2 packs so I can make 4 coffees at the same time. Superb! So glad I was in this Kickstarter.

  42. Marc Muller

    After I’ve tried a few other brands, I came up this one on Kickstarter, and helped them funding the BLUECUP campaign.
    And this is the best system I tried so far…! Almost ever blend of coffee can be made with this solid little capsules.
    For most other brands, if you use to press the coffee to strong, no coffee come out. With this one, I didn’t have any problems, and I can make my coffee as strong as I want, you just get your coffee done. The whole system just works fine, and is very simple, even kids can do it! The coffee they offer in their pack is also very nice, not to strong, but with a nice taste… So this is my choice, whenever I need to make my own capsules of coffee, which I almost do everyday…
    Good job, BlueCup!

  43. jacquie houlden

    I wish I had these a long time ago! They are easy to load with coffee – i used the coffee that came with the pack which was great but I can use any coffee which is fabulous with so many boutique coffee places around. The little tops are crimped on top with the groovy gadget that comes with the pack – it’s a bit like a chunky pepper grinder, and the coffee tastes just right. I’ve bought other pods from the supermarket but they always feel like I am going to break something when i push the handle down. These pods seem a lot sturdier. Best thing of course is that there is so little waste – I don’t have rubbish collection where I live so every little bit helps. If you aren’t sure what to do, there is a short video which gave me the confidence to launch into making my first cup.

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    Paul Beer

    Snel en juist geleverd!