To create your ultimate espresso you will need a Bluecup starter kit, which consists of a capsule creator, reusable capsules, a holder(spoon), aluminum lids and some great ground espresso coffee. In the movie above we’ll show you how to fill the reusable Bluecup for use in your Nespresso machine. Simple and fast!

Step 1

Fill the empty Bluecup capsule with your ground coffee, place the capule in the capsule creator and put the aluminum lid on the coffee filled Bluecup

Step 2

Put the transparent part of the capsule creator onto the black capsule holder, push down the transparent part, twist to the right, and twist to the left

Step 3

And voilà! Your personal reusable Bluecup is ready for use

Please note

Bluecup can only be used in Nespresso machines manufactured after October 2010. If the sleeve that clamps onto the capsule when you close the Nespresso machine is made of black plastic, the machine is suitable for the Bluecup. If it’s made of aluminum, it sadly won’t work.