Choose your own coffee flavor

To create the finest espresso with the Bluecup, all ingredients should be optimally adjusted to one another. First, choose your favorite beans or ground coffee. If you prefer beans, you grind those yourself, of course! In that case, you need to keep an eye on the size of the grind. We recommend you use a grind that’s slightly coarser than the usual fine espresso grind. The ground coffee in the starter kit you can order in our webshop has the proper size grind.

Getting the grind right

If you’re grinding yourself, getting the correct grind couldn’t be easier.

  • grind the coffee slightly coarser than regular espresso
  • make a Bluecup espresso (40ml-55ml) –> run-through time 30-40 sec
  • fill the Bluecup to the top

If you don’t manage to get the espresso right on your first try, take a look at the steps below. They should help you achieve the best possible result.

Tip: a mixture of a fine espresso grind and a slightly coarser grind is best to produce an amazing espresso.

Espresso too watery


  1. Fill the Bluecup with as much espresso coffee as possible
  2. Pack the coffee more tightly into the capsule
  3. Grind the beans more finely

My coffee is too strong and the water doesn’t run through it


  1. Put less espresso coffee in the Bluecup
  2. Don’t pack the coffee/pack it less tightly into the capsule
  3. Add more water
  4. Grind the beans more coarsely