What is Bluecup?

Bluecup is a revolutionary, reusable coffee cup for your Nespresso machine. Choose your own coffee beans or ready-ground coffee, simply fill the Bluecup and put the cup into the machine. The result? Your best espresso ever!

How it works

Your lifestyle, your espresso


Bluecup is at least 99 times more environmentally friendly than pre-filled cups. A used Bluecup is easy to clean and ready for reuse in no time. And you can use the used coffee grounds to fertilize the garden!

Optimal coffee choice

The Bluecup can be used with any coffee, as long as the size of the grind is right. With your passion for coffee and a little attention to detail, you can create the perfect personal espresso with your own choice of beans or ground coffee. Your own espresso!


The coffee you choose is not the only thing that determines how you experience your espresso moment: the cost of each cup is important too. Now you can create the best espresso for the best possible price.

The perfect coffee cup for your espresso

Bluecup is right for you. Why? Because you love a good espresso and you can make one quickly with your Nespresso machine. But here’s the twist: from now on, you can use the coffee beans or ready-ground coffee of your choice! And you can buy these wherever you want. Now you can create your own top-quality espresso:

  • 99 x more environmentally friendly than pre-filled Nespresso cups
  • choose your own coffee
  • choose what suits your budget


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